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Year 3's Blog

Welcome Year Three!!!

Jimmy Stringfellow (Jimmy) on: Year 3's Blog


Year 3 Computing Task!

Jimmy Stringfellow (Jimmy) on: Year 3's Blog

  1. Go on Microsoft Word.
  2. Write a sentence about the character in the picture.


Machine to Fight the Dark

Jimmy Stringfellow (Jimmy) on: Year 3's Blog

We are reading Orion and the Dark this term.

We have also been thinking of a machine to help get rid of the dark.

How might this machine help to bring a little light?

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Giving Insructions

Jimmy Stringfellow (Jimmy) on: Year 3's Blog

To prove how hard it is to give clear instructions, we blindfolded ourselves and started making sandwiches while our partners told us what to do. Just like putting the exact algorithms in a computer, it proved very tricky to give perfect instructions. As a result, it got pretty messy!


Bake Sale

Jimmy Stringfellow (Jimmy) on: Year 3's Blog

A couple of weeks ago, Year 3 and 4 raised £121.21 for the charity SCOPE. Many thanks to all those who purchased and participated!


This is the Year 3 class blog!

We are going to use blogging as a tool to improve our English skills, in particular our focus will be writing. We will be writing using lots of different genres, including adventure, mystery and also non-fiction. There will also be termly tasks, where the children will be given an image or a story starter to describe or follow on. The way to participate in this is to press comment and type your text in the comment box. If your work is not uploaded straight away, don't worry! It might take a couple of days to come through.

There will also be information about our activities in class and any upcoming news concerning our year.

Many Thanks!

Mr Stringfellow