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We are Companions on a Journey

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School is open to Nursery, Reception , Year 1 and Year 6. If you would like your child to come back please contact the school office.

Welcome to St Columba's Catholic Primary School

 Headteacher's Message

We are companions on a journey





In the footsteps of Our Lord

It gives us great pleasure to welcome you  to our website.

We hope that this website is very informative. As you can see from our Mission statement above, as a Catholic school we try our very best to promote positive values and virtues within our school community in which every person is respected as an individual, made in the image of Christ. The promotion of the Gospel values - which are reinforced through the curriculum - also reinforces the British Values.

We are proud of the academic achievements of our pupils however your child’s social, moral and spiritual formation is just as important to us. We strive to value who your child is and what makes them individual and special.

If you wish to get in contact, please send us an email or phone the office.

Mrs K Baker


COVID-19 Advice

Following yesterday's Government Briefing, the guidance surrounding the coronavirus has been updated.  The updated information is -

If you have not been symptomatic, then you may end your self-isolation after 7 days.  The 7-day period starts from the day when you first became ill.

If living with others, then all household members who remain well may end household-isolation after 14 days.  The 14-day period starts from the day illness began in the first person to become ill.  Fourteen days is the incubation period for coronavirus; people who remain well after 14 days are unlikely to be infectious.

After 7 days, if the first person to become ill feels better and no longer has a high temperature, they can return to their normal routine.  If any other family members become unwell during the 14-day household-isolation period, they should follow the same advice - i.e. after 7 days of their symptoms starting, if they feel better and no longer have a high temperature, they can also return to their normal routine.

Should a household member develop coronavirus symptoms late in the 14-day household-isolation period (e.g. on day 13 or 14) the isolation period does not need to be extended, but the person with the new symptoms has to stay at home for 7 days.  The 14-day household-isolation period will have greatly reduced the overall amount of infection the rest of the household could pass on, and it is not necessary to re-start 14 days of isolation for the whole household.  This will have provided a high level of community protection.    

Parental Questionnaire November 2019

Here are the pointers from the Questionnaire sent out in November 2019

Questionnaire Results




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