St Columba's RC Primary School

We are Companions on a Journey

Ripley Street, Bolton, Lancashire BL2 3AR

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The GIFT Team

Meet the Team

We are the GIFT Team. As members of the GIFT Team we are called to lead our school by following in the footsteps of Jesus. Everyday we live by the gospel values and show others how they can do the same. Being a member of the GIFT Team is a challenging but very rewarding task. Here are just a few of tasks which you can find us completing at school:

  • lead whole school assemblies
  • establish a prayer room in school
  • participate in the annual GIFT Team retreat day
  • bring new ideas to teachers to make our faith 'come alive'
  • support younger pupils at lunch time
  • take a lead role in school masses
  • perform role plays to help other pupils to understand Bible stories
  • update the 'Thought of the Week'
  • distribute the Wednesday Word
  • help to ensure that pupils are always showing love of Christian kind (CARITAS)

Lunchtime Reflections

We lead Lunchtime Reflections for Key Stage One and Two. Our reflections are based on special times during the Liturgical Year. This year is the Year of God's Word and we will be doing lots of activities and reflections based on it. 

Look at our Peace Room!

We take lots of pride in our Peace Room. We update it frequently so that it is relevant to the time of year. We love updating the displays and the Worship table. We also have a book which we update with what the GIFT team have been up to!

The World Religion Trail

We helped to set up, organise and lead the World Religion Trail. We all worked on different zones and supported each year group as they came to learn about a different religion. It was a busy and action packed day and we are really impressed with all the learning that the children have been doing about different religions around school! We loved teaching the children about a new religion and helping them to move around the school so they could see what the different classes had been learning about.


The GIFT Team Retreat Days.

Each year we work with the other GIFT Team within Bolton. This helps us connect with them and get to hear what others are doing in their schools. The days are packed with ice breakers, reflections and fun activities. To end the day there is usually a special mass.