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Our school Science Principles - formed through class discussions, pupil voice and staff meeting. We will be working together to progress with our teaching and learning in Science.

Welcome to our Year 5 Blog Zone!

We are going to use our blog as a tool to improve our literacy skills where our focus will be writing. We will be writing for many different purposes which could include persuasion, performance, poetry, prayer and excitement!

We know we will have to try our very best with our writing as our audience is potentially the whole of the world wide web! We would really appreciate you leaving comments so that we can find out what you liked about our writing and tell us how we can improve it. 

All comments will be moderated before going live.

If you have any ideas of what you would like us to blog about, please add your comments below.

Year 5 Blog

Science - Aristotle's theory

Jane Stanton (StantonJ) on: Year 5 Blog

We have started the topic of Forces and have been testing Aristotle's claim that heavy items would always fall to the ground before light items because of their mass. What did we find out?

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Blackpool Zoo

Jane Stanton (StantonJ) on: Year 5 Blog

What an amazing time we had at the zoo last week - such fun!

The animals were amazing and so were all the children! Well done everybody!


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Viking projects

Jane Stanton (StantonJ) on: Year 5 Blog

Well done to all the children who have brought in their Viking projects so far!

Keep all the hard work and effort up.Please can all the remaining projects be in for next Friday!



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Viking projects!

Jane Stanton (StantonJ) on: Year 5 Blog

Well done to the children who have already completed their projects on the Vikings - they are amazing!


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RE - Christ has come again today

Jane Stanton (StantonJ) on: Year 5 Blog

Imagine Christ has come again today. What would you say to him when you met him? Write a blog entry showing how the words of scripture and Christian belief have been fulfilled.

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Times tables rockstars - Battle of the Bands