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Parental Engagement

We work hard at St Columba's to ensure that Parents are as up to date as possible with information about their child's life at school, both educationally and socially. We try to give you information how you can help your child with their learning and keep you up to date about how they are getting on in school.


We communicate with Parents in several ways.

Text Messages - these are usually reminders about certain events in school.

Emails - if you haven't already done so pop your address into the office and we will do the rest.

Newsletter - this will come to you once every two weeks

Flyers and Letters - we often send out information in a letter format.

Speaking to parents face to face or if we are not able to do this we will phone you.

Meet the Teacher event at the beginning of the year

Parents Evenings three times during the year October, February and July

End of year reports - these will be sent out in July

Weekly Learning Log homework - please use this as a means of communication if you have any problems about how your child is doing with her/his learning.


Please remember that communication is a two way thing. We can only help if you let us know.


We work hard very hard to ensure that we have a very positive relationship with our parents and give you all the information you need to ensure that your child's time at St Columba's is the most positive one that it could be.

In September 2012 St Columba's started a journey to develop this relationship even further by delivering as many high quality events, meetings, information sessions etc as possible.  We used the LPPA (Leading Parent Partnership Award) as a basis to help us develop this very important relationship. In July of 2013 we were awarded the LPPA award for all our hard work. This is given for a three year period.

                                                                                                                                                                           Now we have this award we will of course continue to develop the many positive experiences we can provide.


In July of 2016 we were awarded LPPA for the second time. Thanks to all staff and parents who work so closely, to ensure the children's learning experiences are a positive one.

Parental Engagement Sessions

Every class holds regular Parental Engagement sessions each term. These are sessions when you are welcome to come into school to work with your child.

This helps you get an idea of what its like for the children in school and have an idea of some of the work they are covering. At times these sessions may be seasonal, for example making Christmas decorations or planting bulbs.

We understand that not every parent can be in school for these events so if you wish to send another family member like Grandma or Grandad that would be great.

Watch out for invites from the children, newsletters and texts letting you know when the next event is.

We do value your feedback on all of these sessions.


Parent Partnership Policy - We value the involvement of our Parents and below is a copy of our policy