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Admission to school

We have an admission policy at St Columba's which is below. When applying for a place for your child in school in either Nursery, Reception or further up the school the Admission Criteria will be followed to see if your child is eligible for a place.

The Admission Criteria is as follows but a more detailed explanation is in the Policy below


Converting document.

Applying to Reception Class

When applying for a place in the Reception class for the following September please visit the link below. This application form needs to be completed and returned to Bolton Local Authority by 15th January 2019


Applying to Nursery

We have a 52 place Nursery at St Columba's, when applying for a Nursery place please fill in the form below and return to school.

Applying for a place in school in classes Year 1 to Year 6 or to Reception class after the start of term

Our school admission number is 30. This means we have 30 children in each class; we are not allowed by law to go over this number in Early Years or KS1. We also stick to this number in KS2 . You will need to contact Pupil and Student Services at Bolton Council to go on a waiting list if there are more than 30 children already in the class. If a place does become available Bolton Council will let school know who is on the waiting list and we will send out a letter offering places inline with our Admission Criteria.

If you wish to apply please follow the link below and fill in both form also reading the guidance document. This then needs to be sent back to Pupil and Student Services at Bolton Council.

Form part 1 for Admission

Form part 2 for Admission

Guidance for In year Admissions (Year 1-6 and Reception after September of the year)

 To help us with our records could you also fill in the form below (Year 1-6) and return to school.

For admission forms to Nursery, please click on the links below.

Nursery admission form

When applying for a school place you should initially apply to Pupil and Student Services above but we would also like you to fill in this application for as well and return it to school for our records

School admission form (Years 1-6)

For additional information :

If you follow this link it gives details on how to apply for a place at any school within Bolton Local Authority.