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Our Curriculum

There is lots of information on these pages about our Curriculum in different year groups and in different subjects. We have developed our curriculum, based on the statutory national Curriculum but also on the needs of the children in our school. We aim to give the children as many experiences as possible and develop their knowledge of the area they live in and use this as a basis for lots of learning. 


If you wish to find out more about any part of the Curriculum that your child studies, please come into school and have a chat.


Remote Learning Information about our Curriculum Provision

Our School Pledge

Curriculum Intent Statement

Yearly overviews from each class for the academic year 2021-22

If you click on the text below for individual classes you will be able to find out what the children are covering at different times of the year. Please remember at times this may change. If you go to the class page and class blog, more in depth information is available.


Curriculum Overview - Reception 2021-22

Curriculum Overview

Complying with the Equality Act 2010 and the Special Educational Needs Regulations of 2014 in our curriculum

The Equality of our curriculum

As any school, we at St Columba's believe strongly that all individual members of our school community are are equal. Below is a link to the Equality Act of 2014.

Within our curriculum we are committed to providing one that is balanced and fair.  We believe that our pupils should be exposed to ideas and concepts that may challenge their understanding to help ensure that pupils learn to become more accepting and inclusive of others. Challenging concepts will be delivered in a way that prevents discrimination and instead promotes inclusive attitudes. We will also respect the right of parents to withdraw their children from classes which pose conflicts to their own beliefs.

The equality duty supports good education and improves pupil outcomes. It helps our school to identify priorities such as underperformance, poor progression and bullying. It does this by requiring us to collate evidence, take a look at the issues and consider taking action to improve the experience of different groups of pupils. It then helps us to focus on what can be done to tackle these issues and to improve outcomes by developing measurable equality objectives.

 At St Columba’s we have rigorous systems for monitoring educational standards and challenging any underperformance for all our children; our responsibility in this equality duty is scheduled as part of this rigorous process.

How we a school comply to the Special Educational Needs Regulations of 2014

A link below relates to the SEN regulations of 2014

We at St Columba’s are committed to providing a learning environment that values, celebrates and develops the full potential of each child whilst recognising the uniqueness of each individual. We aim to provide a relevant broad based curriculum within a caring environment in which all pupils work towards their full potential regardless of their needs or abilities. The school seeks to raise the achievement, remove barriers to learning and increase physical and curricular access to all. All children with SEN are valued, respected and equal members of the school.

When considering organising additional support it is very important that we provide children with special educational needs and disabilities (SEND) a broad and balanced curriculum with regular access to all subjects and areas of learning. We believe that children with SEND should not be routinely segregated from their class teachers and peers but included as much as possible within their class. Adults are there to support and at time work may need to be differentiated in line with the needs of the individual.