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 Music at St Columba's

At St Columba’s we encourage children to embrace music in many aspects of their school life. As a Catholic School, we embed music throughout our RE curriculum, whole-school worships and masses. We also aim to incorporate music into a wide range of curriculum areas. Children are taught a wide range of skills, which progress as they move through their musical journey within school. Children are encouraged to reach their full potential in music, as well as develop their confidence when performing. We strive to give children real, meaningful experiences with music, by providing opportunities such as performing to peers and family members, and experiencing live music as an audience.

Implementation of music

At St Columba’s, all children are taught to sing both in class and through assemblies and whole-school hymn practices. Children are provided with a variety of opportunities to experience and appreciate music in different contexts. We ensure that children are exposed to a vast array of musical genres by introducing pupils to famous pieces of music and musicians within our whole school assemblies. Each half term, we focus on a new theme or genre and allow children to immerse themselves in the experience, giving them opportunities to compare and contrast the pieces they have heard.

What does Music look like in EYFS?

In Reception and Nursery, children experience music through the curriculum and are exposed to a range of musical experiences, allowing them to experiment with a variety of musical instruments. Children learn songs which link to their current learning. In Nursery, singing is taught through the use of nursery rhymes and phonics sessions. In Reception, this is delivered through the use of rhyming stories, stories with alliteration and books which link to current topics.

What does Music look like in KS1?

In KS1, we follow the Music Express scheme of work, which takes children on a journey of music, allowing them to access a range of skills and musical vocabulary. Children are exposed to a variety of musical instruments, which they play alongside singing.

What does Music look like in KS2?

In KS2, Music is delivered in partnership with Bolton Music Services. We have a very experienced, specialist teacher who delivers the music curriculum and liaises with class teachers to prepare children for performances, assemblies and the like. Children are provided with wider opportunities, such as learning to play musical instruments, taking part in exciting music projects in the community, and school trips to see live music.

The impact of music in our school

Children at St Columba’s love to sing and create music, and in doing so they gain the musical skills which can be applied in their further education and into their own life experiences. We try to instil a love of performing through music and aim to develop children’s confidence by providing opportunities to perform, both in school and in the local community.

Music Skills progression

Music knowledge progression