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PE at St Columba's

At St Columba’s we provide high-quality PE lessons, which equip children with knowledge, skills and understanding across a broad, skills-based curriculum. Team work and challenge are at the heart of our Physical Education and we encourage children to co-operate and collaborate with peers, whilst still aiming to achieve their full potential. We seek to ensure that all children are active and inspired to succeed. We develop children’s competitive nature and show children how to improve the quality and control of their performance across a range of activities and sports.

Implementation of PE

Following government guidelines, we strive to ensure that all children receive 2 hours of curriculum-based PE within school time. Our PE lessons are delivered in partnership with Key PE, who provides sports coaches and equipment to help us ensure that children are actively engaged in meaningful and educational PE experiences. Our lessons are skills-based, enabling children to develop and apply skills such as control, special awareness and agility to a vast range of sports. In addition to curriculum-based lessons, we also offer a wide range of extra-curricular clubs and activities and enter a vast array of sports competitions throughout the year, with the aim of involving all children in competitive sport. We provide children with a range of experiences to enable their physical development, such as swimming lessons and residential school trips to outdoor activity centres.

The impact of PE in our school

We aim to provide children with the opportunity to develop fundamental, life-long skills, which can be used throughout their further education and in their own life experiences. Through monitoring and observations, we aim to ensure steady progression within PE across the school, as well as making sure that all children are involved in inclusive, active sessions, which allow them to achieve their full potential. We hope that by offering a range of extra-curricular opportunities, we can target all children to have some involvement in the healthy, active lifestyle which we promote as a school.


The Key PE vision statement for our school can be seen below:

PE Whole school objectives and overview