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St Columba’s history curriculum is designed around our school mission and vision statements and has been developed to support the needs of our community and the child as a whole. Our curriculum is designed to be creative, inspiring and challenging.

At St Columba’s we are committed to providing a high-quality history education, thereby inspiring our pupils’ natural curiosity to know more about the past, as well as giving them a solid ‘sense of time’ and an understanding of the methods of historical enquiry.

Our vision is for the children to be exposed to a range of topics and experiences that broadens their understanding and equips them with the skills our children need to be successful, confident, life-long learners who reach their full potential.

Our aim is to see pupils leave our school in Year 6 with a knowledge and understanding of the history of the UK and the wider world as a coherent, chronological narrative.


As a school we hope to provide a ‘Knowledge Rich Curriculum’ where children acquire a depth of transferable skills and gain an in depth understanding of the topics being studied.


Children will find out about different places in the UK, Europe and the Americas through studying small regions in each, and comparing these to other areas, including their own locality.

In Key Stage 1, children will learn about an area of local history and look at the Victorians comparing them with now and expanding their knowledge of what is in the past and present.

In Key Stage 2, children will start learning history in chronological order starting with Prehistoric Britain and the Ancient Egyptians. They will move onto the Mayans, Greeks and Romans followed by the Anglo Saxons and Tudors and ending with the Victorians and WW2.


Our children benefit from a number of visits, visiting partners and specialists who make a significant contribution to our curriculum intent in providing the children with the opportunities to gain first-hand knowledge of topics and experience learning in a more creative and stimulating approach.

As a Catholic School, we strive to ensure that the children receive an enriching experience/curriculum which reflects the person of Christ and the message the church received from him.


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