St Columba's RC Primary School

We are Companions on a Journey

Ripley Street, Bolton, Lancashire BL2 3AR

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 Statement of intent

In line with the 2014 National Curriculum for Computing St Columba’s aim is to provide a unique and high quality computing education that equips children to use their thinking and creativity to understand the world through the eye of a digital mean. As a whole we recognise that the digital medium has an increasing impact on our pupil’s lives and therefore this subject is seen as developing a broad range of skills. We also ensure that our pupils understand how to be responsible online citizens and therefore we teach ‘Online Safety’ in line with Bolton Council’s computing curriculum objectives. Computing is taught during weekly lessons in the classroom or in our computing suite. We also have access to ipad and laptops ensuring. Children are given the opportunity to use Computing as cross curricular approach during their Maths, English and topic lessons. All children have a folder on the school hard drive and Purple Mash which enables collaborative home learning. Our Computing Curriculum also ensures that children become digitally literate being able to express themselves to become suited to a future workplace in the digital world.

Below shows our School's Computing Subject Plan.  All topics are split into termly areas.

This document shows our Computing Progression across the whole School from Early Years to Year 6.

Computing knowledge progression shows the knowledge which children need to know in each area of Computing from Nursery to year 6.