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Phonics and Reading at St. Columba’s

At St Columba’s we want the children to have a love of reading. Children are helped to develop a love of reading and, in turn, to become skilful and imaginative writers. Reading is taught through interactive activities and guided groups as well as on an individual basis. Children are taught a wide range of strategies to decode and make sense of texts, including phonics. We depend on parents to support children with daily home reading.


We are successful in teaching children phonics to help them learn to read and spell. We use Read Write Inc in school. We try to make it as fun as possible. Our children have phonics lessons daily, the children are put into ability groups and are taught with other children who are working at their level.

How to help your child at home

Working at home with your child is a very important part of helping them to learn to read and spell. Here are a few tips to help

Practice the reading of the sounds brought home in your child's sound wallets

Practice the formation of the letter sounds

Find objects around your home that contain that sound

                   Make the learning fun! Visit the websites below





 Phonics Screening in Y1

At the end of Y1 all children will be assessed on their phonics knowledge. This is done very gently. All the Year 1 children in the country do the same screening test at the same time. You can help your child by playing on the games/resources listed above.

Have a look at the Parental Document here to see how you can help your child and find out all about the screening.


Reading Books

Children use Read Write Inc books in Phonics sessions.

We also use a variety of Reading books within school. Some of these books include Floppy’s Phonics and Oxford Reading Tree.

By the end of the first half term all children will have been introduced to a reading book at their reading level, supplemented with “reading for pleasure” books, for reading at home and in school. The aim is that all children are heard read daily, whether it is at home or at school. This helps to systematically consolidate learning and to develop a wider reading vocabulary.

We encourage parents and carers to help their child’s reading development by listening to them regularly at home and writing comments in their Reading Record Book. Parental support and partnership with school is very valuable and important to the progress of their children.


Guided Reading

All children will usually have some class reading each day. There is an emphasis on comprehension i.e. understanding what they read. They also read a wide range of book types with an adult, have the chance to read out loud and ask/answer questions about the text.


Read Write Inc Information for Parents

As already stated we use Read Write INC in school.

Below is the link to the Parents Page of Read Write Inc.