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Sport and Healthy Lifestyles at St Columba's

We take the health and well being of our children very seriously at St Columba's. We have a structured programme of sport in school.

  • Every class takes part in 2 hours PE each week
  • We employ Sports Coaches to deliver 1 lesson of this each week
  • There are several afterschool sports clubs during the year, depending on the season. This ranges from football, cricket, dance, gymnastics to netball. These clubs are targeted at different year groups so that all children in school have the opportunity to take part in them.
  • Over their time at St Columba's the children have the opportunity to take part in Outdoor Pursuits. We have a Residential in Yr5 to Robin Wood and children throughout KS2 have the opportunity to attend High Rid which is Bolton's Outdoor Education Centre.

Whole School Healthy Eating Policy

We have a healthy eating policy in school which we follow.

Children only eat healthy snacks at break times. This can either be food brought from home, which will preferably be fruit. No crisps or breakfast bars please. Or the children can buy healthy snack from school which is usually fruit, yoghurt, or wholemeal toast (3 times weekly) 

All children are given access to water at all times of the day. Studies have shown that when children drink water it enhances their brain capability massively. 


If you would like to read a copy of the policy, click on the link below.


Healthy Food Policy

Click on the Link below to go to the nhs site Change4life.

Our lunch menu for Autumn - Spring 18/19